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Wedding Favours

We have a variety of wedding favours for you which now includes a vast range of traditional sweets as well as our original range such as sugar-coated almonds with gold or silver coats, chocolate truffles, champagne cork chocolates, and foil-wrapped chocolate hearts, plus a variety of other Belgian chocolates.

We are hoping to display the traditional range on the website shortly however in the meantime please contact us for further information.

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Wedding Favours
Your choice can be presented in ribbon-tied clear cellophane bags, or in personalised gold, silver or white "two-choc" boxes. Other options are also available such as sweet jars and coloured bags to your instructions or design and will shortly be shown here.

Thought about fudge as something unusual for the occasion? Or favours suitable for children? We can help.
To give you an idea of approximate cost:
  • x 50 Two-Choc Boxes, with Belgian truffles or foil-wrapped hearts - 75.00
  • x 50 Clear Cellophane Bags, ribboned, with 2 Belgian truffles/hearts - 80.00
  • x 50 Small boxes, with 60 g of fudge - 75.00
  • x 50 Clear Cellophane Bags, ribboned, with 60 g of fudge - 80.00
  • Printed labels cost approx. 10p each.

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Order Samples

Wedding Favour Samples

Wedding Favour Samples
UK delivery: £3.95.

Samples of our favours as described above: a gold two-choc box with truffles, a ribboned cellophane bag of fudge, and a similar bag with foil-wrapped chocolate hearts.


Online Catalogue |  Wedding Favours